Photo of Michael Saunders

99 - Michael Saunders

Class: A+


Mike is a 25 year old Finance Manager from Kent.

Photo of Michael Saunders's car
Mike is a 25 year old Finance Manager from Kent.
He made his racing debut in the TVR challenge at a damp Cadwell Park circuit putting the newly built Cerbera on the front row of the grid. After a brilliant and enjoyable year he walked away as Class B Champion.
This then spurred the father and son team to develop the Cerbera further and step up to class A of the TVR Challenge. With the car going from strength to strength they decided to spread their wings and go GT racing, still allowing Mike to race at his favourite circuit Brands Hatch but also allowing him to race at Spa.
The car has changed a great deal over the last 5 years and has been racing in the GT Cup for the last two. With APM looking after the engine and suspension and support from TVR Power this year the car has improved yet again. The car has a 4.7 AJP and is down to just over 1000kg’s.
The father and son team also have a Tuscan race car being built ready for action later in the year! It might not be yellow though!
This year marks a return to the TVR Championship looking to recreate the success and enjoyment of the 2008 season.