Photo of John Seery

42 - John Seery

Class: A


Aged in his words as ‘old’ but officially 63 John lives in Clifton, Swinton, Manchester.

Photo of John Seery's car

I am 63 and I have my own company trading in plastic raw materials.
Three grown up children and one long suffering wife.
I am racing a Tuscan mainly due to Darren Smith who talked me into
buying one (for which I an eternally grateful).
Previous to this I originally raced long circuit Super Karts and most
recently raced a Sylva Phoenix in the BARC NW sports and saloon

The car’s history :

Build Date:  1999, original Race No. 77

Owner/Driver No.1 Mike Jordan 1999-2000 of Touring car fame

Car laid up 2000-2007

Owner/Driver No.2 Howard Bryan   2007-2009, Race No. 77

Owner/Driver N0.3  Tony Abrams    2009-2010, Race No.42

Present Owner/Driver No.4 John A Seery  2010 to date,Race No.42

Colours :-   original John Guest colours