Photo of Jim Walsh

52 - Jim Walsh

Class: B


Jim is a garage owner

Photo of Jim Walsh's car
Jim started racing in 2012, with loads of help from Dave Chant and family. He won Class C in DTEC that year and also came second in LDMS Sprint Championship,
He has owned his garage for over 30 years, employing 3 mechanics, 2 apprentices and one office staff. He has been involved with motor-sport since he was 16, building and servicing race/rally cars.
He had a brilliant time last season and would like to thank everybody involved with the TVR Challenge.
Needless to say he was out racing again with DTEC in 2013 in the tasmin and the bought a Tuscan for 2014.
Jim raced his Rover V8 Tuscan in Class B in 2014. He did not compete in 2015 due to other priorities, we hope to see him back soon.