Photo of Jamie Golby

23 - Jamie Golby

Class: A+

Team: Team Varney Racing

Aged 46 and from Warwickshire, he is the Managing Director of a shop fitting company

Photo of Jamie Golby's car

His TVR connections are similar to most of the competitors in the series having owned a couple of TVR road cars and followed the Tuscan challenge as a spectator.

In past he has raced in Caterham Sevens for one season, kit cars for one season and stock hatch for two seasons. 

He’s now running a LS based GT Cerbera, having sold his AJP Tuscan to Dean Cook,  as with all new cars its had a lot of teething problems, but was finally able to give a glimpse of it’s potential at Snetterton.

He rates Mallory Park, his home circuit as his favourite.