Photo of Ivor Watson

11 - Ivor Watson

Class: A


Ivor is a Garage owner from near Oulton Park his favourite Circuit

Photo of Ivor Watson's car


Ivor has worked on TVR’s since starting my apprenticeship in 1970 always wanted to race cars since I was small
Started my own garage workshop in 1991 and now the family has left the nest bought a taz in 2008 prepped it and went racing in 2009 that ended up a disaster as the second race at Anglesey I blew the engine we replaced the engine and came out to race again in 2010 but unfortunately the taz was getting a bit old in the tooth in its present configuration .
So in 2014 I went for it and bought a full on AJP Tuscan I had done a few races in the taz so shouldn’t be a problem oh yeah hmmmm
I suppose a baptism of fire the first race was rocking ham a circuit I love anyway but the Tuscan was fabulous and the rest of 2014 was a massive learning curve love the car love the series looking forward to 2015



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