Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch This Weekend 11/12 June

See Here for the Results

Of qualifying and race one. Race two is on Sunday


1      A      Hugh Marshall

2      B      Andy Race

3     A      Perry Waddams

4      B     Keith Vaughan-Williams

5      A     Jason Clegg

6      B    Cliff Jobson

7      A    Jamie Golby

8      A    Darren Smith

9      A    Martin Crass

10   C    Dave Chant

11   B     Leigh jones

12   C    Alex Gore

Race 1

1     A     Hugh Marshall

2     B     Andy Race

3     B      Keith Vaughan-Williams

4     A     Perry Waddams

5     A     Jamie Golby

6     A     Martin Crass

7     B     Cliff Jobson

8     A     Darren Smith

9     A     Jason Clegg

10   C     Dave Chant

11    C     Alex Gore

DNF   B     Leigh jones

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