The Season So Far – Ivor Watson Car 11

After the disastrous weekend at Snetterton I took some positives home & instead of dwelling on it toooo long I got the Taz back to the workshop & checked it over apart from the throttle cable snapping, the oil leak throwing oil on the exhaust manifold and the bottom hose blowing off I had a real flat spot coming out of corners so I decided a swirl pot was needed so one was fitted & I went testing & hey presto no flat spot WHY DID’NT I GO TESTING BEFORE SNET ????

I was on holiday for Brands so the next race for me was Donington I had been around Donington a few times so was really looking forward to the race to see what the car and I could do as I didn’t get out with it at all in 2010.

I went out in practice fairly calmly just to get myself up to speed I put in 7 laps but the engine was getting to hot so I came off & went back to the very stony paddock & checked the car over ready for race one the overheating was down to me putting too much duck tape across the grill when the Qualifying times were published I had qualified 4 seconds a lap behind Dave Chant great the car was working the swirl pot had cured the flat spot couldn’t wait for race one but the old nerves were twanging.

We lined up on the grid I couldn’t believe how dry my mouth was 5 secs, red lights, lights off away bugger I wanted to stay as close as poss to Mr Chant but i got stuck behind somebody who had bogged down Dave was away like a rat up a drainpipe so all I could do was try to keep Wayne & Billy behind me I had no chance of catching Dave now so I used race one to get used to the car, then the Invitation lads were everywhere @#$* me how do they stay glued to the track at those speeds.

The Taz made it to the end of the race with no problems great Dave was 35 secs in front of me at the end but Hey Hoe ,This was my first full race since Mallory in 2009 so wasn’t too disappointed but wow I got 2nd in class & got a nice trophy well chuffed.

Race two went better got under 2 minutes did a 1.59 Dave was still so quick 4 secs where can I find 4 secs is it in me or the car? I managed another 2nd in class but I really need to get more competitive for the next race at Rockingham.

All in all though I am having a ball & cant wait for the next race got a few more mods for then.

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